Monday, 1 December 2008

Simple Plan round-off their second European tour of 2008 with emotional and exciting London show

Above: Watch the video of Simple Plan bassist David Desrosiers speaking out about his sister and why he could not attend the instore signings and fan club soundchecks. The rest of the 8 videos I took at the show in London can be seen on my YouTube page.

Simple Plan treated fans to an explosive, but somewhat emotional finale to their successful European tour last Saturday, November 29th at the Forum in Kentish Town. I had a photo pass for this show, so I got plenty of close-up shots of the band. This was the last tour of Europe for the band in a long time, as the guys said that they intend to work hard in 2009 on the follow up to the self-titled Simple Plan album they released in February 2008.

I had a by chance encounter with David Desrosiers at Glasgow airport the day after their show at Glasgow Academy on November 27th and the poor guy wasn't happy at all, explaining that he was going through a personal family crisis, having just found out his older sister was sick and did not feel like being on tour at that moment. I fully understood and sympathised with him, as it's hard when you're in a band and away from home for most of the year and can't exactly cancel plans at the last minute.

The London show at The Forum was the final show of Simple Plan's second European tour this year and David grabbed the mic and spoke out about the reason why he was abscent from the band's instore signings in Birmingham and London just before the performance of Save You, which is the song lead singer Pierre Bouvier wrote about his brother Jay who survived lymphoma cancer. As well as speaking out about the personal drama, David ended up handing over one of his expensive basses to a very lucky fan who was in the front row! The guy who received the free bass was actually somebody I chatted to before the show outside the venue and he mentioned he played bass and had his own band, so he deserved it!

Fans praised David for letting out his feelings and he felt much better later on when I spoke to him after the show. He also made an effort to make it up to fans who didn't get their cds and anything else signed by him at the signing at Zavvi record store.

Videos can be watched on here:

All photos of Simple Plan I take are uploaded onto these websites:

Photos from the Glasgow show as well as from London can be seen in the galleries.

David did not travel from Paris to Tel Aviv for the show there on Tuesday December 2nd, he remained in Paris with his family. Pierre did mention the reason why David was not there onstage in Tel Aviv. A video of it can be seen on the websites above.

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