Thursday, 26 March 2009

Golden tickets and a lot more of Pete Wentz!

Didn't bother asking for a photo pass at the last minute for the Fall Out Boy show in Brussels, but I did an okay job taking photos from amongst the crowd, without having to stand in the pit. Pete wasn't at all well that day and told us he was sick at the meet and greet. I was lucky enough to sneek into the meet and greet with a friend who was the lucky person who found the hidden Golden Ticket, which Pete gives clues to finding on his Twitter page. Funnily enough, neither of us had good internet access on their 'phones in Belgium and we weren't able to see more than Pete's first post as a clue to where the Golden Tickets were hidden, but the location was guessed randomly by coincidence and they were found just like that! Only two other girls were supposedly looking, but sorry - finders keepers, losers weepers!
Pete told us he was sick, and he certainly wasn't 100% and was almost losing his voice, but he still performed well and the show was great as usual. The band had to leave right after the show ended, as everyone has to rise very early the next morning to get to Heathrow airport in England for connecting flights to the US and Pete onto Sydney, Australia, where he will be co-hosting the MTV Australia music awards.

Video captures from the Brussels concert can now be seen here:

Full set of photos from the Brussels show are now uploaded into the FANS PHOTOS here:

The same photos are also in my MySpace galleries here:

Fall Out Boy will be back in Europe this August for festivals, including Pukkelpop in Belgium and Reading and Leeds in the UK. Go to the Virtual Festivals site for further info. on festivals line-ups nearer the time:

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Latest Fall Out Boy live shots are finally uploaded

To see the whole load of photos I took of the guys onstage at The Brighton Centre, then go to my MySpace page here: (click on direct link on the right of this page)

They will all be uploaded onto the official Fall Out Boy website at: (check in the Fan Photos section).

This afternoon I was busy creating photo print collages of some of my favourite shots from the Brighton show. I'll use these prints to get a batch of promo prints all done to give out to get signed at future shows. Great news I heard after the show in Brighton was that Fall Out Boy will be performing at this August's Reading and Leeds festivals and the V Festival (the weekend before), as well as at other European festivals. Check here for all info. on full festival line-ups -

Any live photos and scene captures from festivals I go to will be on that website.

Monday, 9 March 2009

No laminates required!

Notice taken off Fall Out Boy's dressing room door backstage at the 02 Arena in London -

"No laminate required" for the people in this picture, but can anyone really be convinced that the members of Fall Out Boy are who they are when you can't even see their faces? This was so funny.

Next time, get a better quality photocopier or fans will get their lookalike boyfriends to blag backstage faster than expected!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Love Hearts candy is not just for eating!

Love Hearts are sweets/candies that are available in the UK and are very popular. I've created jewellery and accessories out of them by embedding them in clear resin, so obviously none of it is edible!

The items pictured are available at Beautiful Freak, Stables Market, Camden, London.