Monday, 11 May 2009

Anyone who knows about Role Model clothing and is a fan of Simple Plan please read this!

Role Model is co-owned by musicians Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau from Simple Plan, so their accessories should be more rock 'n' roll! Moulded resin silver guitar with red glitter Canadian maple leaves with R and M for Role Model. Fans of Role Model clothing saw this design and liked it, but will the guys behind the label think the same...? The little gold drumkit pendant has also been popular. I made some more pictured below. Gold star is the same item, pictured back and front.

Below: This was one of hundreds of pendants I've made for members of the official Fall Out Boy fan club Overcast Kids. I give these out to lucky winners of the meet and greets with the band before any Fall Out Boy shows I attend. It is NOT an official Clandestine Industries item, it's yet another idea and something I created, but Pete Wentz has seen these many times and luckily approves. The umbrella symbolises the Overcast Kids logo, which is obviously an umbrella.

Anyone who is a fan of Canadian band Simple Plan will know of the clothing line Role Model that vocalist Pierre Bouvier and drummer Chuck Comeau co-own with their friend and tour buddy (ex-merchandise boss) Patrick Langlois.

Last week I never had enough time to have a look around the Role Model store, which is in a small town called Laval, just outside Montreal. I did send some necklaces which I'd made to the store address, as samples for jewellery ideas for Role Model and told Patrick and Chuck about it at the private party Pete Wentz and Gabe Saporta DJed at last Wednesday night after the show at Metropolis.

Patrick interviewed Pete Wentz about his clothing line Clandestine Industries before the concert in Montreal for French Canadian music channel Musique Plus. The interview is obviously in English. You can view it on the Musique Plus website here:

If anyone from the Role Model store received these necklaces, you know what to do. Sell them in the store, but give some (or even ALL) of the price to the Simple Plan Foundation, the charity that the band set up at the end of 2005 that has helped raise funds for cancer hospitals, children's hospitals and young people who aren't as lucky as all of us are. Of course, if people like them, I can make lots more -

if it's for the charity.

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