Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Download festival was one of the best yet!

This little bunny wasn't impressed by the loud music in his/her home area! I got a shot of him/her having a rest to hide away from all the festival goers!

I know it was a few days ago now, but this year's Download festival was considered as the best yet and I had a really good weekend. The weather was a bonus, we had three gorgeous sunny days which is definitely a blessing in the UK! I didn't have a photo pass sorted, so unfortunately it meant not getting any decent live photos, just what I've uploaded onto here. Friday night had to be the best for me, as I was eagerly looking forward to seeing Limp Bizkit and Faith No More, both bands who hadn't performed in Europe (or anywhere in fact, as Faith No More only just reformed) for several years and I met a lot of people who came to the festival specifically to see these bands. I even met a couple of people who flew all the way from Saudi Arabia for Download and that is dedicated!
I only just made it into the festival, as I didn't have a ticket and depended on luck of blagging through anyone I knew who was in the biz and this took a lot of patience and waiting around looking like a loser by the VIP entrance, but I did it in the end and literally only just made it into the arena for Limp Bizkit's set. I then joined in the masses and made the most of being one of the many "moshers" for a change. I didn't manage to get a single video shot of any of the main stage acts on Friday because of being right in the crowd, but I had to back off for Saturday and Sunday, as the warm weather also played it's part of making my feet even more sore. Plenty of sunburnt faces were spotted throughout the weekend, but I was rather lucky already having a suntan from my holiday in Fuerteventura a few weeks ago. Most random song covers performed over the weekend included two performances of Lady Ga Ga's hit Poker Face, first sung by Mike Patton of Faith No More, then You Me At Six did it again on the second stage on Saturday afternoon. Korn did their version of Pink Floyd's classic, Another Brick In the Wall.
Slipknot, Faith No More, Limp Bizkit, Def Leppard and Chris Cornell were my favourite performances of the whole weekend. I wish I'd got to see Motley Crue, but there was no choice between them and Faith No More, as I was already stuck in the crowd in front of the main stage and no way was I going to leave my spot to walk all the way to the second stage. It sucks when there are two bands you want to watch on at the same time! I hope the same thing doesn't happen at Sonisphere, as I am definitely going to that festival in August.

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