Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Rock Im Park in Germany last weekend was a blast!

I returned home from Nurgemburg in Germany last night, after a fantastic weekend at Rock Im Park. Apart from a thunderstorm on Saturday afternoon that got me so soaked that I left in a shuttle to the hotel and had to totally strip off and get dry, then needed a couple of hours to wait for the rain to stop to get back to the festival site, it was a great weekend!
I only had a photo pass for the Alternastage and Clubstage, but the bands on the Alternastage were actually the main acts I really wanted to see above any of the bands on the Centerstage. So it worked really well in the end, although I have to say that Metallica on Sunday night were as awesome as ever and thank God it didn't rain during their set like it did during Rage Against The Machine the night before! I got lots of good close-up shots of Bullet For My Valentine, HIM. The Verve, Manic Street Preachers, The Fratellis and Paramore and some scene captures of the event.

For all the best live photos and some of the sights and scenes, the photos were taken specifically for the Virtual Festivals website, go here to see the photos:


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