Wednesday, 28 May 2008

A taste of Canadian music in Japan! Montreal bands Simple Plan and Your Favourite Enemies in Osaka

I'm now proud to say that I have seen Canadian band Simple Plan in four different continents over the last three years. That's nothing compared to their biggest fan, Gary Greenbaum, an American guy I know who has actually seen them in six continents (this includes both North and South America), because he's seen them in Brazil where they are huge and get mobbed at airports! Check out some of the crazy videos taken by their Brazilian fans on YouTube and you will realize it's true!

The show at Hatch was more packed that it was for Bullet For My Valentine a few days before and even the balcony was all full up. It was a sold-out concert and I was the only photographer yet again! Now I know it's worth getting photo passes for shows in Osaka, because there is hardly any music press here compared to in Tokyo. Support band was Your Favourite Enemies, who are also from Montreal, so there was a big French-Canadian vibe going. Simple Plan made jokes onstage about "washlets", which are Japanese toliets, and have built-in automatic bidets. Nothing like anywhere else in the world. I got this part of the show on video and you can view it on my YouTube page, along with a few more snippets from the show.

As everyone in bands does when staying in Osaka, the guys in Simple Plan all came to Rock Rock after their show on May 26th and partied on until late, apart from bass player David "Diva" Desrosiers who was AWOL for all three days the band were in town and nobody had a clue where the hell he went to, apart from knowing that he went to bed right after they returned from the venue and let-down a lot of his Japanese fans who waited at Rock Rock patiently for him to appear. Shame on you, David! All those poor Osaka fans are now missing an autograph on their Simple Plan CDs. The Osaka show was the first date of the Japan tour and the band took the famous bullet train to Tokyo the next day for two shows in the capital city.

Next time I see these guys will be in Germany in less than two weeks for Rock Im Park, just like with Bullet For My Valentine. Simple Plan perform on the Friday, June 6th, then go onto another festival in Sweden, followed by Rock Am Ring.

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