Sunday, 11 May 2008

Partied over the last two nights and now I'm in need of a good sleep!

This past Friday and Saturday night were spent with friends in a trendy West London hotel, while the Give It a Name shows were happening at Earl's Court. I never got a photo pass, because I was told back in March that they were only using one photographer for each Give It a Name show at Earl's Court and at the Sheffield Arena, which was a let-down. I never even bothered going to the concerts. I decided to hang out in the hotel bar Friday and last night and it was absolutely packed with most of the bands performing at Give It a Name.

Spotted in the hotel bar were Alkaline Trio, Paramore, The Audition, My American Heart and most of the crew members and concert production people. Also in town and socialising last night were The Raconteurs, who were bust rehearsing for a show this coming Wednesday at Hammersmith Apollo. Although these days, frontman Jack White doesn't even stay in the same hotel as his bandmates because "he thinks he may get too much attention". At the hotel we were at, I very much doubt anyone would even care about hassling Jack White, considering more famous rock stars than him have actually staying there and been given plenty of privacy.
I am off to Japan in less than 10 days. After being told by so many people how great it is in Osaka, I am more excited. Obviously a lot of the bands we hung out with this past weekend have been to Japan and nobody had anything negative to say about it and they love it, so I am more excited now.

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