Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Simple Plan in London and Bristol

Canadian pop/punk band Simple Plan finished their UK tour in Bristol last Monday, April 21st and it was a big success. I only made it to two shows, in London at the Astoria theatre and at Bristol Academy.

It was good to return to Bristol after about three years, because the last time I was there was to meet up with my youngest sister Millie who was a student at Bristol university. I think the last band I saw their was Stone Sour (Corey Taylor and Jim Root from Slipknot's other band).

I brought along two friends who I met from going to see rock concerts here in England since I came back last August and the same old faces from years ago are still around. By coincidence, the very person who I met the first time I ever met Simple Plan back in April 2005, showed up at the Good Charlotte show in Brixton, then as a guest of Simple Plan at the Astoria and that was nice to see her again after about two years. I also decided to stay in the same hotel where I first met the band, which happened to be just 10 minutes walk from the Astoria and came up top of the list for last minute hotel deals on and that was lucky! It was worth the spending, especially as rooms in that particular hotel are normally at least £200 a night during the week. I am trying to save money right now for the Summer festival season and going on a trip to Japan, but life is too short for negative thinking and I want to enjoy myself while I am still young(ish)! There was a lot of talk about the Astoria being demolished before the end of 2008, which is just awful to think about. Everyone is so pissed off about it all, especially as the venue is the only decent size venue in central London where so many big bands play. Next stop there for me will be Lostprophets in June.

I filmed a series of Simple Plan live captures from the Astoria show and a few from Bristol. Only got a few shit photos, but they are better than none at all.

All live video captures are here:

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