Friday, 23 May 2008

Live photos of Bullet For My Valentine at Namba Hatch

Here are some of the best live shots I took of the Osaka show. Check out the video captures at:

are a couple of videos I got of a Japanese fan from the audience being invited onstage to sing along to "Hand of Blood", but because of the language barrier, it was more like roaring down the mic and just a bit of screamo fun than "singing" and replacing Jason James' backing vocals!

It was a good show, though and a totally different kind of audience to what I'm used to. First time I've ever felt out of place at a rock concert, as the audience were all Japanese. I think this was the only time I've ever been asked more than several times whether I was touring with the band, and only about the 4th or 5th occasion within ten years that I've been the only photographer in the pit and that was fucking great! I got to the venue at 7.50pm, just in time, as Bullet For My Valentine were on at 8.00pm, which is early by headline band standards. Any later and I would have missed my photo opportunity and that would have sucked! Everywhere else I've been to, wherever in the world, it's usually 9.00pm for the headline band.
After the show, everyone (well, almost everyone, even the whole of the front row of fans who were at Hatch) went onto Rock Rock to hang out and the band signed cds, took photos and did the usual rounds for every one of their admirers who came to the bar. No sign of Matt Tuck, though, unless he made it there much later on, because I was so tired and left by around midnight.

I'll be seeing Bullet For My Valentine again in a couple of weeks, but that will be in Nuremburg in Germany for the Rock Im Park festival. I still haven't heard back from the press people from the festival regarding my pass, so that's another thing to chase up. All the photos I get at this festival, and in fact any festival I attend, will be for the No.1 festivals website and that's here:

Get all the info. photos and news on all the biggest and best Summer music events all over the world there. There is so much going on and I wish I could go to all the events I want to go to, but it costs too much in travelling expenses. I am hoping to really make the most of Rock Im Park, as the bands this year are just as awesome as always. For info. go to:

The website can also be viewed in English.

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