Thursday, 28 January 2010

More updates on here soon

Lack of updates on here obviously means I've been busy with my "day jobs", that is designing and making more jewellery and accessories and being a massage therapist, which I don't talk about too much due to most of my clients being in the music and entertainment industry.

Toxic Glamour is going strong thanks to all of you who I've met at festivals and headline concerts and handed out my flyers to. I haven't placed my usual ad in Kerrang lately, due to saving expenses and finding that advertising to fans direct while they're waiting in line outside venues before shows is by far the best way of promoting a business like mine.

I am now stocking Toxic Glamour jewellery here:


You can order clothing and accessories directly from the Hellwear online store here:

My designs are not available via the Hellwear website, but you can buy them here:

US dollars:

UK pounds:

I will be off to Australia on February 18th to cover the annual Soundwave festival in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. After having been based in Sydney for almost a year, I haven't been back since 2006 and miss it a lot. I am very excited about seeing all my friends again and seeing so many amazing bands. To add the excitement, Faith No More have added another sideshow on February 24th in Melbourne, but I am already committed to seeing Jane's Addiction that night. Faith No More the day after, though! Paramore will be performing at the Festival Hall in Melbourne on February 23rd, I will be outside giving out Toxic Glamour info cards to everyone in line outside before the show and some free photos of Paramore to the first twenty people in line, so see you all there!

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