Friday, 12 February 2010

Excitement for going to Australia, but boredom in Britain

In the mood and excited to be seeing Faith No More again, I had some creative fun...

This was a joke poking some fun at the apparent ridiculous demands on Faith No More's 2009 European tour rider, which was supposed to be a joke (well, it was ten pages long and you should've seen some of the items listed!. They asked for "towels that must be soft, like a baby bunny on a Summer's day".

Didn't get much work this week, which sucked, considering I really needed to earn as much as I could to pay off bills and for my trip to Australia, but that always seems to be the bad luck I get. Typical sod's law! The fustration and general boredom lead me to being creative again, making more jewellery designs to sell online in my stores and just having fun with my Sharpie permanent markers.
Faith No More, one of my favourite bands who I'm excited to be seeing again in Australia, unveiled the tour posters for the Australia and New Zealand shows last week. They've always had great designs on their posters, past and present and a lot of them are collectables now. Of course, I've often had people ask me whether I've designed posters for bands and album cover art and it's often crossed my mind that it is something I would have dabbled in, but never got around to it. I drew one fun poster, my own version of a poster advertising Faith No More's forthcoming San Francisco dates. The idea was for fun, but I think it would look great if it was re-drawn in a more edgy way with the same idea. The Golden Gate had to be in there, though, as Faith No More are from San Francisco anyway.

The Saint logo was something I though up last night randomly and the skull with wings pendant was originally one of my tattoo art necklace designs, just with the band name added in the scroll.

The Saint and The Sinner. Halo fallen onto Faith No More logo
Sketched with Sharpies and you can still see the pen marks all over the place, but what the hell!

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