Saturday, 20 February 2010

Back in Sydney after almost four years and it's still amazing

The stunning view of the famous Sydney Opera House.
Me with ACDC bassist Cliff Williams. The wind was really strong, I look like I've been dragged through a tornado!

I arrived back in Australia two days ago and loving it. Last time I was here was July 2006, but luckily nothing has changed. I was so tired yesterday, but it didn't put me off wanting to go out and explore, so I did and spent the later afternoon relaxing by the hotel swimming pool.

Today was totally crazy and random, gearing me into the mood for plenty of rock 'n' roll tomorrow at Sydney Soundwave. I walked past a hotel down the road and spotted Australian rockers Wolfmother, who were in Sydney to support ACDC at their massive sell out stadium concert at the ANZ Stadium at Olympic Park. I'm not a fan of Wolfmother and I don't really think they're that bad, either, but Mike Patton from Faith No More openly had a rant about them on an Australian TV interview backstage at a festival and it made me laugh, as Faith No More are the main band I'm excited about seeing here. Maybe I should've had the guts to approach lead singer Andrew Stockdale and asked him whether they were going to stick around town for their day off tomorrow and catch Faith No More at Soundwave! I'd love to have seen the look on his face if that had happened.

Later on, after relaxing out by the hotel swimming pool, I walked all around the area of Sydney Harbour and The Rocks district, overlooking the water. The best scenery in Sydney and the main tourist area. I got some good photos of the sights. At a luxury hotel right on the waterfront, several wedding receptions had obviously been taking place and tourists were watching different brides get photographed with the amazing views. Then I noticed some ACDC fans hanging around and I asked them why they weren't at the concert venue already and they tipped me off that ACDC were in fact staying at that hotel. What a strike of luck that the band were due to leave soon, so I waited around, but not for long as drummer Phil Rudd came outside to smoke, and lead singer Brian Johnson, guitarist Malcolm Young and bassist Cliff Williams followed. There wasn't much time to chat to the band members, as they were waiting for a police escort to follow their car driving to ANZ Stadium and I only managed a quick photo with bass player Cliff, but the others were all rushed into their car by their tour manager as we were going to get photos, so I was disappointed, but at least I got to meet them with such lucky and very by chance timing. Lead guitarist Angus Young still resides in Sydney, so there was no need to stay with the rest of the band in the hotel.

My feet are sore from all the walking around seeing the scenes today, but I hope they hold out for all the rushing around I'm going to be doing here before I return to the UK! Lots to see and do. Photos and reviews will be uploaded onto the following websites:

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