Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Photos from Australia Faith No More shows all online ready to view

All my photos from the Soundwave festival dates in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide are now up in my MySpace galleries, along with the live shots from the Faith No More sideshows at the Melbourne Festival Hall on February 24th and 25th. The reviews will be on Rock Midgets soon, plus the best photos I took. There are so many photos that it's impossible to include them all on Rock Midgets, so I've put them all onto MySpace anyway.

Mike Patton at Melbourne Festival Hall, February 24th, 2010 BELOW: Roddy Bottum at Melbourne Festival Hall

Jon Hudson at Melbourne Festival Hall, February 25th 2010.

ABOVE AND BELOW: Mike Patton at Melbourne Festival Hall, February 25th, 2010.

I managed to get photos with all the members of Faith No More as we left the hotel for Adelaide airport the day after the Soundwave festival at Adelaide Bonython Park. They were flying to Perth for the final date of the festival tour and I was flying back to Sydney to get a flight back to London the day after. It was a very windy afternoon, that's why my hair is all over the place in the photos!

Managed to have a chance meeting with Stefan Olsdal and Steve Forrest from Placebo, same afternoon we all left for Adelaide airport. I didn't see Placebo singer Brian Molko around at all throughout the whole trip. Steve is such a great replacement for their former drummer Steve Hewitt. They made the right decision, nice guy and a superb drummer. So glad this band are still around after 15 years, I got some fantastic shots of them at Sydney and Adelaide Soundwave festivals. Melbourne I was sticking around Stage 3 most of the day to get photos of different bands, so it was very varied. There were so many acts I am a fan of, but couldn't get to watch everyone.

ABOVE: Me with Davey Havok of AFI in Adelaide. I wish I had got a full length body shot of him that afternoon, he was wearing these tight magenta colour jeans and they looked so quirky and great on him and the colour went well with his arm tattoos! BELOW: Toasted, blistered, swollen feet was the result of walking around in the intense heat at Sydney and Melbourne Soundwave. I wore soft hotel slippers to walk around at Adelaide Soundwave and they started to make a recovery! The pain was worth it, though! I had to take a ibuprofen tablets every few hours so I could walk without limping and cringing. European sun is nowhere near as hot as the Australian sun. You can't even buy any suntan lotions that are lower than Factor 30, it's that strong.

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Your festival must have ended on a high. By the way I am myself a musician.
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