Friday, 14 March 2008

It's here - my new rock 'n roll blog!

Yes, this is Brendon Urie of Panic at the Disco. I took this shot just as he was laughing with people outside the venue where the Kerrang! magazine music awards took place in August 2007.

I was supposed to go and see this band live last Monday, but the shit British wet weather was bad enough to put me off stepping foot outside. Luckily the guys are performing live at a record store in central London this Monday. I am going to try and get some decent photos if I can. As it's a weekday, there shouldn't be as many fans around as for normal shows.

Panic at the Disco's new record, Pretty. Odd is out this week. I am not all that impressed with the first single release, Nine in the Afternoon. These guys are incredibly talented musicians and I expected a lot more of the typical Panic at the Disco eccentricity in there. but I guess there is more to come on the album.


I've just heard on the BBC news that the London Astoria theatre will not be saved and will be demolished, despite all the protests and and attempts to save the venue, which is my favourite live venue in London and the only good size live venue in central London. Fucking assholes are only interested in building an extra underground station entrance in time for 2012 the Olympic Games.

I honestly couldn't give a shit about the London Olympics and why should one of our best loved (and most popular) music venues be torn down just for an event that lasts for just two weeks out of the year...? I am so disgusted right now. That will leave just the Hammersmith Apollo (which I hate), Shepherd's Bush Empire, Brixton Academy and the small Camden venues as the venues for non-arena shows. I hate Wembley and the O2 Arena, way too big!

It will be a sad day for everyone when that place closes. Rather like when they got rid of CBGBs in New York City. Our legendary venues are disappearing and it's just so sad.

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