Tuesday, 18 March 2008

I just watched this show about rock stars' parents on BBC 1 and laughed...

I just watched this show on UK tv called Help! My kid's a rock star! and what a laugh it was! Typical that one of the parents interviewed was Courtney Love's estranged father Hank Harrison who has made plenty of money from selling his side of the story to various media sources about his wayward daughter. I have to agree with him on the cosmetic surgery he openly admitted Courtney's had over the years!

Anthony Kiedis's hippy dad John Kiedis (a.k.a. "Blackie Dammett") spoke out about how he was cool to set up his only son with one of his sexy LA girlfriends and let him lose his virginity 'at a younger age than his schoolfriends'. Yeah, but I do have to agree that having sex at thirteen is just a little too young! They say like father, like son. Seems like Anthony gets older, but his girlfriends have got much younger. His current partner and mother of his only son, Everly, is a model called Heather Christie who he met when she was just 17 and she is still only 22 and Anthony will be 46 this year!

On another subject, one of my friends checked into a luxury hotel in Manchester last night and was in utter despair when faced with the unfortunate situation that she was sharing the same hotel as Westlife. The worst thing wasn't the fact that Westlife were in the same hotel, but the fact that she was staying in town to see Velvet Revolver and they were staying at another rival hotel in the city centre that is actally less expensive. Shit happens!

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