Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Panic at the Disco short acoustic set last night in London

Last night, I went to HMV on Oxford Street to watch a short acoustic performance by Panic at the Disco. There was also a CD signing for wristband wearers after the show, but I wasn't one of the many people who waited from 6am to get one of those!

I had to take photos from in the crowd and my camera battery was dying out, so I didn't get many good shots, but I got a few okay photos which is better than none at all. I didn't see Jon Walker at all, because this fucking annoying poll was in the way, so I only got pictures of Brendon, Ryan and Spencer. Typical, because Jon has always been my favourite. Probably because every time I've met the band, all of the guys are great, but Jon is very talkative and cool and older than the others. Coincidentally, the Panic at the Disco crew were staying in the same hotel as I was with my friends last night, but I saw no sign of the band, so our guess was that they were elsewhere or were just out.

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