Friday, 15 August 2008

Soundtrack of Your Summer show last night at Metropolis in Montreal

Oh boy, I'm exhausted today. I went to see several bands last night, on the Soundtrack of Your Summer tour, with Boys Like Girls, Good Charlotte, The Maine and Metro Station.

I hadn't seen Boys Like Girls live yet and I was looking forward to seeing Metro Station, who have been talked about a lot in the press, mainly because guitarist and co-vocalist Trace Cyrus is the half brother of Miley Cyrus, star of Disney's hit television series Hannah Montana. Having read very good reviews of their shows, I was excited to see whether they lived up to the hype and after having seen them onstage at Metropolis last night, I know that fans going to the shows on the Simple Plan Canadian tour that starts next week will be in for a treat! As Metro Station are one of the bands supporting on the tour (they actually go straight onto the Simple Plan tour next week).

I last saw Good Charlotte at Brixton Academy in London back in April. Drummer Dean Butterworth told me that the band are going into the studio within the next month to work on their next record and hope to be touring again as soon as they can. He said "sometime around April next year" that they will probably be back touring Europe.

Boston quartet Boys Like Girls have gained a huge fan following recently and their live performance has plenty of audience participation and action along with catchy tunes. I am glad that this lot will be in the UK again soon to support Fall Out Boy.

Boys may like girls, but girls don't like boys - girls like cars and money... ha!ha!

For more information on these bands, go here:

I have yet to upload all the live shots I got from this show, as there are A LOT of them!
Once all of them are uploaded, they will be featured in the Member Galleries under SophieRockshots here:

There are also some live video captures of the bands mentioned which can be viewed on my YouTube page.

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