Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Back in Canada and it's raining, but Bullet For My Valentine were awesome last night!

I'm back in Montreal, which is where I was exactly this time last year. The only thing is, last Summer it was beautiful sunshine and this year the Quebec Summer has been a disappointment, with rather a lot of storms and non-stop afternoon rain. I really did think I could've spent all day outside after this morning, which was hot and sunny, but no chance!

Last night I went to see the No Fear Tour show at the Metropolis in downtown Montreal, featuring Bullet For My Valentine, supported by Cancer Bats and Bleeding Through. I was such a fool not to check my e mails just before I left, because I actually got a photo pass left for me and never read the e mail from the promoter on time to tell me that the pass would be left for me at the Metropolis box office. Bullet For My Valentine's tour manager kindly got me on the guest list, but this was two hours before the doors even opening and he didn't yet know I was on the list for a photo pass. Situations like this are so annoying. To think that I could've got lots more great live shots of the bands on last night and I missed the opportunity entirely. Still, at least the No Fear Tour comes to the UK soon anyway, with Lacuna Coil also added to the line-up, so I won't miss out on photographing that.

I did manage to get some live video captures of Bullet For My Valentine and some rather amusing shots of Jay James being beseiged by fans by the tour bus after the show. Shame on Matt Tuck for not bothering to come out and get a few things signed and photos with the fans who waited patiently outside afterwards! I hope things work out better for the Soundtrack of Your Summer show at the same venue this coming Thursday, when Good Charlotte, Boys Like Girls and Metro Station are playing.
Six video snippets of Bullet For My Valentine from Montreal can be viewed here:

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